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How to Stop Smoking in 7 Days with Fibre-Quit Capsules

The Problem….

Most smokers know that they should stop smoking – and even wish they could…

But it is just sooo tough. The cravings drive you up the wall, and the resulting mood swings drive your friends and family up the wall…

And old habits die hard – so often you find yourself accepting a smoke from someone else before you realise what you are doing…

And all those products promising you to make it easy – well….

If they worked, you would not be reading this, right?

But what would the ideal solution be like?

Would you like something…

That REALLY works?

That requires very little willpower?

That is totally natural?

That can be used along with any medication or medical condition, and even during pregnancy?

That has no side effects?

That is simple and easy to use?

That has a proven track record?

That is affordable?


Stopsmoke Fibre-Quit Capsules

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So what is it Exactly?

The Fibre-Quit formula is made from a mixture of herbs, fibre and spices – which, when combined, offer unique medicinal qualities. It is packed with vitamins and minerals, and simply replaces what your body loses during the withdrawal process (these deficiencies are what causes the cravings – since your mind reasons that having a smoke is the easiest way to “get everything back to normal”). The product actually helps your system to get rid of the toxins accumulated while smoking all those years…

What can the Fibre-Quit Capsule formula do for YOU?

1. Make it EASY to quit – if you have 5% willpower, the product will do the rest

2. Allow you to quit – without stress or vicious mood swings

3. Do it without any side effects of its own

4. Regain your health

5. Regain control of your LIFE (right now, it is being controlled by a little paper tube stuffed with tobacco….:)

And of course, it will do so without blowing your budget to pieces…

Right now, you can order the Stopsmoke Fibre-Quit Pack for only:

R 490.00

(including delivery via courier in South Africa)


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